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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Part 2

Ok. So I began working on the cabinet tonight that are shown in the pictures on the "Refurbish Your Own" page. It's still not finished, but it will be in the sidewalk sale on Saturday morning if you like the finished product.

I began with using my little Black and Decker sander to take off all of the rough spots. If you remember the black spot of paint from earlier than you will notice that all traces of that are removed. This only took a few minutes to run this small sander all over the cabinet to take off alot of the smooth top of the finish so that the paint that comes next won't rub off easily. Here are a couple pictures to show the work in progress.

There are only a couple of pictures because the work isn't through yet. There will be more to come or you can simply show up on Saturday and see it finished in front of you. See you soon!

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